I’ve left Gurgaon today. It feels so heavy on my heart, leaving behind a part of my soul, a big happy chunk of my young energetic days spent in Delhi NCR. I’ve lived and loved so much in this place and I’m so grateful for all the memories and one amazing person this city has given to me. I’ll miss you D. I might not say it or show it a lot because I don’t want you to get your hopes high or be encouraged to pursue me. I want you to move on from this and look back at me as a happy memory. It breaks my heart typing this too. It was so good, so much fun. The kind of inside jokes and bakchodi we did, it was never the same with anyone else. It was fun and happy all along. There were a little hiccups on the way but I guess, in the end, all you remember us the good. I used to see you all day. From waking up to sleeping at night, it is so difficult for me to change that and not expect your calls, asking me to come to you every now and then. It must be harder for you. I know that now. I’m sorry I’ve put you through this.

I had the option of staying a bit longer. I could have stayed there longer and been with you. I wanted to rip the band-aid off. Tough stuff i know. I knew each day, living with that fear of me leaving in a month, 15 days then a week was making you restless. It was making me restless too. I wanted the process of healing and moving on to start so that the misery of anticipating the pain of breaking up cools down a little. I don't know if I did right or wrong. Honestly, i still contemplate that maybe i should have stayed a little bit more but I know its for the best. Whatever happened, was bound to happen. I miss you! I’ll always miss you. whether I say it or not. I hope you get all that you wish for in this life.

Please don’t forget me. I do care for you immensely.

I’ll be getting married soon. We both need to break out of this untagged relationship and find our individual paths so that at least in the long run it is amicable between us. I want us to be okay.

Raw. Original. Unpolished.